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22 June 2013

Full guide to learn you how to use images Glitter Or Animated gif images

Full guide to learn you how to use images Glitter Or Animated gif images

Ablog with out images like a sea with out fishes ,  every body in the world using images at his blog to… to what, to explain some thing for his visitors. to make his blog looks better, to have fun, to … Etc.
And there is alot of ways to use images in our blogs, we can add images to our posts or use image as Signature, use it in our -About us- Page, use it as avatar.
or use it to displayed as static image at the corner of your Blog ( we’ll explain later what is the ”static image “. Note : all ways to use images we mention here can be used with allblogtools.com images codes only.
now a days we updating allblogtools.com and adding new categories. we’ll add glitter images and animated images categories, and we’ll give you a code for each image we’ll add in this new categories, so when we tell you any thing about images code, you should understand that we mean allblogtools.com images codes
now we’ll talk about Using Glitter Or Animated gif images in our blog post, or as Signature.

Manchester United are on the verge of signing Barcelona midfield star Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara
Manchester United are on the verge of signing Barcelona midfield star Thiago Alcantara in a £17million deal. The Premier League champions have stolen a march on rivals Manchester City by agreeing personal terms of £5m a year with Thiago, 22, and his father (Brazilian World Cup Winner) Mazinho. They still have to finalise a deal with Barcelona and sources say that it is unlikely there will be any announcement on Friday, but discussions between the two clubs will continue over the weekend - Mail Online

Fellow Red Devils, do you want Anderson to stay at United

To be honest no, I don't dislike him but he's been at United 6 years no and he's 25yrs old, I don't think he's good enough, I know he's had his share of injuries but I like to see him play well at another club, Cleverly is better than him, Powell is better than, it's lookin like we hav fletcher back and are possibly gettin Thiago, it's time for him to move on


14 June 2013

How To Dsiplay Images For Labels

30 minute swim lessons $48 for eight 30 minute sessions; drawing lessons $110 for 10 hours; Creative Writing lessons average $20 an hour; free swim $6; theme weeks at another facility $119; plus gas to drive to all these places is going to cost you over $280.
One week at Dart-Lo that offers all of this plus outdoor skills, nature, photography lessons, archery, environmental projects, community service projects, songs, games, friendships and more plus free bus transportation is only $225 (tiered pricing available)!
Sign your kid up today to make memories of a lifetime!

React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces by Facebook

In this tutorial we are going to create an AJAX file upload form, that will let visitors upload files from their browsers with drag/drop or by selecting them individually. For the purpose, we will combine the powerful jQuery File Upload plugin with the neat jQuery Knob to present a slick CSS3/JS driven interface.


As usual, we will start off with a basic HTML5 document:

Mini AJAX File Upload Form

In the head of the document, I have included two fonts from Google Webfonts, and before the closing </body>tag you can see a number of JavaScript libraries. These are the jQuery library, the jQuery Knob plugin and the dependencies for the jQuery File Upload plugin.
The main element on the page is the #upload form. Inside it is the #drop div (which accepts drag/drop uploads) and an unordered list. This list will hold a li item for each of the transferred files. You can see the markup generated for a file upload below:

12 June 2013

Tom Cleverley vs Paul Scholes


Mấy mùa bóng gần đây, nhiều nhà báo cho rằng Tom sẽ sớm cứng cáp, và sẽ trở thành truyền nhân của Scholesy.

Theo quan điểm của mình, thì mặc dù thi đấu cùng vị trí, nhưng lối đá cũng như tư duy thi đấu của Tom và P18 có nhiều điểm khác biệt:

+ Tom thường đá theo kiểu chuyền ban ở đoạn ngắn, di chuyển & bật tường nhanh.

+ Trong khi P18 thì thường là ông chủ ở tuyến giữa, cầm nhịp và phát động tấn công với những đường truyền vượt tuyến sắc lẹm đã thành thương hiệu.




11 June 2013

em này ngon đấy =)

HỌC hành vất vả, kết quả cao
GÌ đâu có kiểu ăn may sao?
GIỜ này chăm chỉ, cố cày cuốc
NÀY học bổng kia, hãy đợi tao 😠 🔥

ĐI cố mấy bước "Kìa đỉnh cao"
NGỦ cũng nằm mơ, mộng ngọt ngào
CHO chí kia thỏa, lòng sung sướng
KHỎE dáng hiên ngang tuyệt làm sao 👏 👌